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"Carr is convincing as the young philosopher...Tightly wound, visibly shaking, her anxiety is palpable, but she’s clever enough to project disingenuousness when confronted with Frick’s questions."

Mrs. Stern Wanders the Prussian State Library

Ruth Ross  

NJ Arts Maven

"Giuliana Carr is quite wonderful as Mrs. Stern! Quite wonderful."

Mrs. Stern Wanders the Prussian State Library

Peter Filichia

Broadway Radio

"Carr gets the biggest laughs, especially in the first act, as she portrays a sarcastic outsider who has no idea how religion works but must pretend she is an expert anyway."

Drinking Habits

Ben Kleppinger

The Advocate Messenger

"Not only have I observed Giuliana work with almost constant re-writes with ease and discipline, but I have seen how the collaborators have actually been inspired by Giuliana’s particular talents to shape portions of the play. Giuliana is a very gifted musician and singer as well as actor and the changes to the script have often been to play to these strengths. On a personal note, I love playing across from her as she is an open, generous and “in the moment” performer."

Michigan Murders

Ellen Lancaster

Actress & Theater Professor

"I would work with you in a drainage ditch. Anytime, anywhere."

Mark Hardy

Director - Twelfth Night

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